Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville is an up and coming major city located 90 minutes from Savannah Lakes Village. With hundreds of stores, restaurants and dozens of cultural attractions, and the largest BMW factory in the United States, Greenville is the perfect city to satiate any small blue town blues you may have. Its theatres and venues host major concerts and touring theater companies. Some of the most notable venues include:

– The Bon Secours Arena, a 16,000-seat arena located downtown which hosts major concerts and sporting events each year.

– Peace Center, a performing arts center that hosts touring Broadway shows, symphonies, concerts, and civic events. In December of 2018 the Peace Center will be featuring the Broadway hit, “Hamilton" on tour.

– The Warehouse Theatre offers productions of live theatre. A cornerstone of Greenville’s Historic West End, it is home to over a dozen unique productions each year.

– Center Stage is a year-round theater hosting the annual New Play Festival.

– Fluor Field is the home of the Greenville Drive, the A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. It is also home to a replica of the famous Green Monster at Fenway Park.

Whether for a leisurely walk next to the Reedy River falls or a night of music and fast-paced entertainment, Downtown Greenville is the place to go for fun just about any day of the week.